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Mannheim Rocket transports listeners back to the explosive birth of the modern symphonic style of Mannheim in the late 18th-century. The then cutting-edge orchestral sinfonias of Stamitz and Richter were simultaneously energetic and sensuous, and were a significant influence on the young Mozart, who was later at the epicentre of the Classical Viennese style. His fifth violin concerto – nicknamed the 'Turkish' and performed by Rachael Beesley – inhabits a hazy world of love and intrigue, and the finale of Mozart’s Symphony No.40 contains the most famous ascending musical rocket of all.

The vivacity of the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra musicians rejuvenates the symphony for an enthralling orchestral experience

The Plus Ones

Details are correct at time of publication

  • Stamitz
    Sinfonia à Quattro in A major
    Violin Concerto in A major
    Sinfonia à Quattro in B flat major
    Symphony No.40 in G minor
  • Director & Soloist
    Rachel Beesley
    Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra